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Pancretan Youth Pilgrimage to the Homeland.

1st August – 10th August: Chania, Rethymno & Iraklio

The Pancretan Association of Melbourne is thrilled to announce 2019 Trip to Greece and Tour of the island of Crete for our Youth Members. Over 20 Members will be given the opportunity to explore and experience the joy and history of their grandparents homeland and immerse themselves in Cretan culture and tradition. For some of our Members this will be their first trip to Greece making it a unique experience they will treasure for years to come.

Since the 1980’s the Pancretan Association of Melbourne has organised several tours to Greece and Crete for its Members. The goal of the tours is to promote and maintain our cultural heritage and reinforce the bond forged between Australia, Greece and Crete.

The Pancretan Dance Group will represent and showcase the traditional dances of Crete at various well recognized festivals and events in Crete.

( a ) Βαρδινογάννεια Festival hosted by the Όμιλος Βρακοφόρων Κρήτης at the Kazantzakis Amphitheatre in Iraklio,

( b ) Music Concert with over 30 artists in Αρμένους Αποκορώνου hosted by the Μουσικός Σύλλογος Καλλιτεχνώ Αποκορώνου « Ο ΧΑΡΙΛΑΟΣ »

( c ) A tribute night dedicated to the Cretans of Australia & America, in the Village of Aγιά Hanion hosted by the Region of Crete and the Mayor of Chania.

( d ) Kantada in Rethymno together with the Λαογραφικός Όμιλος «ΤΖΑΝΙΔΑΚΗ »

( e ) Dance Festival with the Λαογραφικός Όμιλος « ΧΝΑΡΗΣ » in Iraklio and with the Χορευτικός Όμιλος Χανίων « Ο ΨΗΛΟΡΕΙΤΗΣ « in Chania, a Tribute Night in the village of Ασή Γωνιά as well as a historic tour with the Λαογραφικός Όμιλος « ΚΟΥΡΗΤΕΣ » and many others.

The Youth members will have the opportunity to take part in dance and music workshops, and visit historic parts of Crete such as the Knossos ruins, the Arkadi Monastery, the Australian Hellenic Memorial, the 42nd Street, the Naval Museum in Chania, the Battle of Crete Museum in Rethymno, as well as visit and pay their respects at the resting places of the great Eleftherios Venizelos and Nikos Kazantzakis.

The Pancretan Dance Group will also take part in the 9th International Convention of the World Council of Cretans in Iraklio from the 1st to the 4th August 2019 hosted by the World Council of Cretans (Παγκόσμιο Συμβούλιο Κρητών).

This year the Members will also have the opportunity to visit several sites significant to the ANZACS in Koustogerako, the Village of Skines and the Village of Adele.   The Pancretan Association of Melbourne has proudly contributed their support which included monetary donations to these sites.

The Pancretan Association would like to thank everyone here and abroad who made this trip possible and we wish all of our travelers a safe and joyous trip! Plans are already in place for future tours to the homeland to provide more youth with the opportunity to travel to Greece and Crete and foster their connection to our Homeland.

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