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  • Annual Cretan Picnic

    Dear members and friends, Happy and blessed new year to you and your families! May 2022 bring you good health, prosperity, lots of love and...

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    IT’S TIME TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP – Membership renewals can be made in person at our upcoming AGM or online via the link below. Interested...

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  • Christmas Party

    “Με ‌του ‌Χριστού ‌τη ‌γέννηση κάνω ‎ευχές ‎για ‎σένα να ‎‘ναι ‎τα ‎χρόνια ‎σου ‎πολλά, καλά  κι  ευτυχισμένα” Dear Members and Friends, You are invited...

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  • Annual General Meeting 2021

    The Pancretan Association Board of Directors invites you to attend the 2021 Annual General Meeting on Sunday 5th of December 2021, 2pm. The AGM is...

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