ESCAPE FROM CRETE : A true story of friendship in time of war. | AUTHOR : Mr. Charles Jager

Charlie Jager was a romantic who read Homer and carried a revolver, Ben Travers a teenage larrikin who played cards and rolled  his own. They were mates whose friendship had been forged in the North African battlefields, and were now pitted against Hitler’s crack paratroops in the Battle of Crete. The two young Australians were among thousands of Allied troops captured after ferocious fighting that ended in Germany’s most costly ‘ victory ‘ of World War II. But Jager and Travers rebelled : breaking through the barbed wire to take their chance in the mountains. Escape took daring – but they realised the real heroes were Greek villagers who risked death to hide them from the Germans and smuggle them to the mainland. There, they joined a band of other escaped prisoners, pirated a boat and defied theodds by sailing to North Africa. Charlie Jager knew he could never repay his saviours. But, a lifetime later, he can tell  the story.


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    Trevor turner says

    I woul like to buy the book escape from Crete by Charles jäger could you advise where I can get it

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      Administrator says

      Hello Trevor, thank you for your enquiry. Send us a direct email and we will arrange it for you.

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        Trevor Turner says

        Would still like yo obtain a copy of Escape from Crete

        Trevor Turner

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          Hello Trevor,

          Thank you for contacting us. You can purchase directly from our website using your credit card or paypal.

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