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CREFORCE : The Anzacs and the Battle of Crete | AUTHOR : Ms. Stella Tzobanakis

In the first parachute drop of World War II, the Germans invaded Crete on 20 May, 1941. Australian, New Zealand and British troops, alongside Greek soldiers and the people of Crete, formed a crucial bond as they defended the tiny island. A story that appeals to teens: prisoners of war, escape, rebellion, romance, partisans. It will satisfy the rebellious spirit in every teen. Taps into the renewed interest in the Battle of Crete and in the whole Mediterranean theatre of war shown by the release of several adult titles. An important Greek – Australian story that will be widely supported by the Greek community. Details the incredible bravery shown by the Australian and New Zealand soldiers and by the people of Crete who risked their own lives by harbouring these soldiers during the invasion of Germany in World War II.

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