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Christmas Party

“Με ‌του ‌Χριστού ‌τη ‌γέννηση κάνω ‎ευχές ‎για ‎σένα
να ‎‘ναι ‎τα ‎χρόνια ‎σου ‎πολλά, καλά  κι  ευτυχισμένα”

Dear Members and Friends,

You are invited to celebrate the most festive time of the year!

Join us for good company, great food and drinks and a visit from Cretan Santa! Entrance is FREE.

All children under twelve will receive a gift from our Cretan Santa to ensure they don’t miss out please register their details with George Sevastakis on 0411 807 082.

Kindly RSVP by Sunday 5th of December.

This event We look forward to seeing you there!

*COVIDSafe DHHS Conditions apply.


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