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200th Anniversary of Greece Independence 1821 ~ 2021

Today marks the 200th anniversary of Greek Independence Day

The Pancretan Association of Melbourne would like to wish all its members and friends and Hellenes throughout the world Χρόνια Πολλά.

Ζήτω η 25η Μαρτίου! Today marks a historic milestone in our country‘s history. Two hundred years have passed since the successful uprising commenced against the occupying forces of the Ottoman empire. No longer could Hellenes tolerate being ruled by fear, tyranny and slavery. That day, the immortal cry of Freedom or Death was born.

Today we honour those brave Hellenes and Philhellenes who decided that 400 years of slavery must come to an end. We remember and pay homage those who were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice, so that we today can enjoy a country which is a beacon of peace and stability worldwide.

Long live Freedom

Long live Democracy

Long live Greece

Long live Orthodoxy

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