DIGGERS & GREEKS : The Australian Campaigns in Greece and Crete | AUTHOR : Mrs. Maria Hill.

This compelling book combines details of the campaigns with an account of the response of Greeks and Cretans to the Allied forces on their soil. It reveals the personal relations that developed between Australian soldiers and Greek civilians and soldiers; these were sometimes hostile but in other cases developed into...

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GALATAS 1941 : Courage in Vain | AUTHOR: Mr. Lynn McConnell

The  battle at Galatas during World War II  is the story of ordinary New Zealanders achieving  extraordinary  things : first in defending the small Greek village against overwhelming German  military  might ; and second, when the territory was lost to the enemy, fighting a bloody, bayonet-style  engagement  in what has been...

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A GREAT RISK IN A GOOD CAUSE : Australians in Greece and Crete. April – May 1941. | AUTHOR : Department of Veteran Affairs

Military strategy during wartime always involves an element of risk. One great risk was the committing of Australian troops to Greece in 1941. In hindsight  was this the right decision ? The allied leaders of the day had no such doubts for they saw the need to strategically  support Greece,...

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THE CRETAN RUNNER : His story of the German Occupation. | AUTHOR : Mr. George Psychoundakis

This  enthralling account of  the Resistance in Crete, from the German invasion to the liberation, is by one of its most  active Cretan participants. His duties as guide  and runner  were  exhausting  and  dangerous. They entailed  immense  journeys  on foot, usually  at full speed over some  of  the  most  precipitous country...

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